The woman behind the mind:

Me I am a happily married mother of 3 and I am avid reader and writer. I also advicate for cancer research, Parkinson research and continue to give a voice for domestic violence victims by sharing my story. I am working on a paranormal romance and loving every moment of it. I’ve been recently introduced to a wonderful group of people that have showed me to not accept things at face value, thus I am following my instincts and not allowing injustice to prevail! I am a fan and follower of Michael Jackson of which I just stated that injustice had been done. I am apart of Michael’s army of L.O.V.E, we continue to spread the message that Michael whole hearty believed in. He asked us to look at the person in the mirror and make a change,to love each other for who we are, something so simple, but a lesson all the same. Next he wanted us to realize what we were doing to the planet and start with ourselves to make a change too. Michael was a pioneer not only in the music industry but as a person as well. So I choose to use my voice to help the one that has none by finding and spreading ideas thoughts, theories and the truth as i see it and maybe lift someone else up to look at their self in the mirror 🙂

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